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What is the size of a plot?

The size of a plot is 600 per square metres (100×60)

What if I want a bigger plot?

Purchasers who desire more plots will pay per square meter in relation to the excess number of square meters desired at the prevailing market price.

What if a lesser or bigger plot is allocated to me?

We use professional and accredited surveyors for our allocations. In the unlikely event that the above occurs, a sum equivalent to the size of shortage or excess multiplied by the price per square meters will either be refunded or in the case of a bigger plot, allocation will be redone

What is the infrastructure the Company will provide?

  1. Perimeter fence
  2. Good Road Network
  3. Transformers among others

Are these the only amenities the company will provide?

No, there are other infrastructures such as Asphalt on the major roads, street lightening, electric poles, drainage, green areas, children playground, football field etc but all these come at a cost.

What other payment do I make apart from the land payment?

Survey plan fee N500,000.00 for Ibeju Lekki and N180,000.00 for Atan Ota & Ikorodu, legal/documentation fees N250,000.00. Developmental fee (Subject to management’s decision). These levies are subject to changes.

Are there any encumbrances on the Land and what title do they have?

There are no encumbrances on the land neither is there any government acquisition, interest and adverse claim.

What do I get when I pay for my plot?

Receipts and contract of sale

What other documents do I get when I finish making all payments?

Receipts, Letter of Allocation, Survey plan, Deed of Assignment and every other essential Document

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