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Gtext Homes Launches Its Consultants Program

Gtext Homes Launches Its Consultants Program

Economies, businesses and livelihoods have been negatively impacted this year, no thanks to the global pandemic. And this has resulted to job loss, revenue loss, economic recession to mention but a few.

However, despite the ugly trends associated with the coronavirus, governments around the world have taken deliberate steps to revive their ailing economies. While the results may take time to manifest in full, bills must be paid and our lives must go on. So, what are you doing to end 2020 in grand style? Are you jobless, less motivated at work or in need of a sustainable source of income? If you answered Yes to these, then the new affiliate program launched by Gtext Homes is what you need to stay afloat and earn up to 6-figure income.

Register on the Gtext Homes Consultants Program (GCP) platform and be on your way to financial freedom. Enjoy up to 10% referral commission when you help us sell any of our green and smart estates. Sounds great, right? Click here now to book a seat at the launch which holds tomorrow Wednesday 26th August 2020. See attached flyer for more details.

At Gtext Homes, we don’t just sell lands, we help secure the future.

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