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Minimal Risk

We ensure your investment’s safety with high security by maximizing the use of sophisticated technology to produce excellent results.

Know Our Products

Our investment plans have been tailored to suit various individuals and their investment purposes.

Gvest Fortune

(Short Term F.O.R.E.D)

You get to acquire a fixed amount of ROI by investng in a property in it’s development stage and you get your fixed dividend obtained from rental incomes and land appreciation. The time range for this is 12-36 months.

Gvest Legacy

(Long Term F.O.R.E.D)

Be a part of the long-term investors, who get a substantial return on investments from the increase in property appreciation from 5-10 years.

Gvest Heritage

(Permanent ownership)

Become a permanent stakeholder of Gvest Real estate projects with a tangible return on investments guaranteeing you a lifetime of multiple cashflow sources.


Build an exclusive saving system using our G-safe feature. You also get a percentage on each of your savings.